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Questions to Ask Your Travel Agency

There are many effective, professional travel agencies out there with the skills and know-how to get you a great deal on a trip that you can’t get online. Here’s a list of some things to look for in a travel agency.


When choosing a travel agency, consider the following questions:

Do their agents specialize in the type of travel you are seeking?, (such as Caribbean island-hopping, European history tours, or perhaps an African safari)? If they specialize in what you want, they will likely have access to the best deals you are looking for.

How accessible are their agents before and during your travel? You may want to talk to them at odd hours, and you will need assurances that they are available to you.

Are they responsive to your calls and questions? Make sure you are getting good customer service from the agency and that they treat you like your business matters to them.

Are they local? You may feel better knowing that they work right around the corner, and you can meet with them in person if you like.

Do they have credentials? Many travelers are comforted to work with travel agents who have gone through some certification process to show their knowledge in the field.

How well do they communicate with you? They should help you get clear about your travel details and budget, and their sample tours should reflect what you described to them.

Is it really saving you money? It’s unwise to rely solely on the word of an agent, especially when so much information is available online. It will reassure you to search the internet and check that the agency is getting you a deal that you cannot get yourself.

This list should help you in looking for a travel agency that is right for you.